2006 Johnston VT650 Freightliner Vacuum Street Sweeper

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The VT has established itself as the most reliable and dependable sweeper ever produced. The current VT range of sweeper has been developed from over 50 years of evolution and continuous improvement to meet the demands required from our customers. With tailored machines in your chosen field, Johnston offers the widest range of products and options to ensure you can achieve the best performance.

Operator Environment

The operator environment is more and more important today as drivers work maximum hours and multiple shift patterns. The VT range has been designed to fit onto a wide range of chassis makes, whilst giving the best turning circles and manoeuvrability required. This allows for each user to select a chassis which suits their needs, with the knowledge that the Johnston Sweeper will provide the power and performance required to complete the task.

  • Inside the selected chassis, the Johnston master control module is mounted centrally in the cab and gives easy access to all the sweeper controls and options.
  • This incorporates an audible and visual raised hopper warning, equipment fuel gauge, engine hour meter, tachometer and a low level water indicator as standard.
  • Throttle control of the auxiliary engine is infinitely variable ensuring optimum operational and fuel efficiency with no performance compromise. This can also be used to reduce noise levels for night sweeping operations.
  • With an option to have remote mounted Maxigap or Varigap and program control, the operator can adjust the angle of the vacuum nozzle to allow the sweeping of larger items
    easily without having to take his eyes off the road.
  • Pendant controls connected via a flexible cable allow the operator to safely tip the body and open the rear door from both inside and out of the cab. This allows the operator to ensure the rear of the vehicle is clear of pedestrian traffic and positioned in the correct areas before discharging the load. The body can be tipped with or without the engine running via an electric motor.
  • When tipping, the body prop engages automatically as the body is raised, with four propping positions. The last position at ‘full tip’ allows maximum access for routine maintenance. This removes the need for the operator to touch any part of the mechanism during the raising or lowering operation.
  • The auxiliary engine is accessible via a lightweight service ladder to allow for easy access to daily checks, routine service checks and maintenance.
  • The VT650 has equipment storage lockers on either side of the hopper for hydrant storage or catch basin extensions.
  • All critical controls – including the valves, solenoids and auxiliary equipment for the pneumatic, hydraulic and water systems are housed in a purpose built, dust and weather proof locker on the right of the vehicle. This aids diagnostics and allows for quick and easy checks. The V range also comes with waterproof IP67 automotive electrical connectors to enhance reliability.
  • The V range features a standard Pressadrian water purging system that enables the easy removal of water from the systems in freezing overnight conditions.


The VT range provides the best balance between performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership. These attributes have made the VT range the world’s most popular sweeper found in all sweeping environments and applications.
Two powerful John Deere turbo charged engine options are available to provide outstanding vacuum performance. Combined with Johnston’s mechanical step up gear box and fluid coupling, the VT range of sweepers provide the best power to fan speed ratio in the industry.
The versatile VT range powerpack with an rpm range of 1200 to 2000, can operate efficiently in municipal environments at lower rpms, or for one pass heavy duty resurfacing operations the engine can provide full engine power to ensure a clean path is the only thing left behind.
With 3 sweeping configurations, left hand and right hand, both providing a 94.5” sweeping path or dual sweep with a sweep width of 142”, the VT range can handle a wide range of sweeping requirements and maximizes swept coverage.
A large 343 gallon stainless steel water tank is integrated into the hopper body which balances the weight distribution during sweeping. For increased productivity, an optional water recirculation system can be installed on the VT range, on station time can be doubled before refilling the water tanks and has an added advantage of reducing dust emissions, while considering the environment.
Dust and debris are collected via the pneumatically operated vacuum nozzle and wide diameter 10” nozzle tubes, maximizing airflow and allowing for larger debris to pass easily into the hopper.
The Johnston natural cyclonic swirl airflow provides a straight through suction system.
Debris is conveyed in a straight line from the vacuum nozzle into the hopper, reducing wear and tear together with maintenance and fewer service interventions.

The VT range has a range of hopper options:

  • VT500 has a 6.5 cubic yard hopper volume. With the same power train and options available on the 650, the 500 benefits from a shorter wheel base and a lower height. With the lighter body, the 500 retains a 8,800lb payload on a 26,000lb chassis.
  • VT650 has a class leading 8.5 cubic yard hopper volume and is designed to fit a GVWR: 33,000lb chassis.
  • VT800 benefits from the 115hp engine as standard and a 10.8 cubic yard hopper volume. The water tank is increased to 490 gallons.

All models benefit from an angled hopper floor to aid load discharge.

Environmental Impact

Manufactured in a factory accredited to ISO 14001 for sustainability, Johnston are committed to providing the most environmental way to remove dust and debris from the streets.
Low fuel consumption is a key attribute in reducing carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. With the mechanical drive system running at maximum efficiency, the fuel consumption is the lowest in its class with 1.1 gallons per hour at 1200rpm.
The John Deere engines meet the highest standards for emissions and environmental impact.
To control dust emissions to the highest standards, optional PM-10 atomisers supress dust to meet with the SCAQMD Rule 1186. Water recirculation not only allows extended sweeping shifts but can also save 260 gallons of water a day over an 8 hour shift.
The VT range of sweepers have noise suppression lined hoods encapsulating the auxiliary engine and fan casing. Noise at the drivers ear is less than 75 dB(A) at maximum revs (chassis dependant), creating a safer operating environment for both the driver and pedestrians. The fully variable engine can be set to lower revs for night time sweeping reducing the noise levels by half if required.
Built to last, the most sustainable impact on the environment is to ensure the equipment lasts and remains in good condition. The Johnston product range is designed to perform and built to give years of continuous service. With the highest warranties offered on build and construction, the VT range will provide years of cost effective and productive service.
Near 100% of the VT range is fully recyclable so when the product eventually retires from service the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

A wide range of options can increase productivity and provide increased performance to maximize the versatility of the VT range:

  • Supawash high pressure water system provides a hand lance to enable cleaning of street furniture and the machine itself. The high pressure jets are positioned at the front of the cab and behind the nozzle boxes to provide a street washing option.
  • An optional catch basin cleaner, mounted on the top of the hopper can be fitted to allow the emptying of catch basins during the sweeping route. Controls are fitted to the power boom to make the operation easier whilst the top mounted position provides greater access to both sides of the sweeper and shields the driver from oncoming traffic.
  • For faster sweeping requirements, the Combivac nozzle provides an additional brush at the rear of the vacuum nozzle. The sweeping speeds are increased in some conditions.
  • A rear mounted littasnatch can provide a lightweight suction tube for the collection of litter and leaves up to 18 feet away from the sweeper.
  • Rotatilt, controlled from the cab, allows the tilting of the gutter broom to allow cleaning of a variety of curbs.
  • A front mounted weed ripping brush can be fitted to the front of the vehicle.
  • Johnston provide a 5 year suction fan drive system warranty (subject to terms).
  • All machines are supplied as standard with a 10 year debris hopper body warranty (subject to terms).

The VT range of sweepers operate at the lowest costs, with a large 50 gallon auxiliary stainless steel fuel tank giving increased on-station time.
With the Johnston gearbox and fluid coupling, maintenance costs are significantly reduced as no belts or high wearing components are required.
The sweeper operates at low fuel consumption, with both the chassis and auxillary engines using a total of 2.5 gallons per hour at low rpms; the VT range provides lower running costs and emissions.
Due to the sweeper collecting debris through suction, fewer parts are required to lift the debris into the hopper, resulting in fewer components, less wear and tear and lower maintenance costs.
Designed to last in the toughest environments, the VT range hopper is manufactured from 4003 stainless steel, shot blasted with aluminium oxide prior to the application of a strontium based primer followed by a hard wearing top coat. In addition, all grey parts, such as the sweep gear, powerpack and subframe, are shot blasted, and electromagnetically powder painted in a durable two part epoxy paint finish. This ensures your sweeper continues to look as good as it performs, retaining a high resale value or longer in service life.

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