Advance SC8000 62LP Sweeper/Scrubber


This maneuverable front steer sweeper/scrubber houses a wide cylindrical scrub deck capable of sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass. Using Advance’s One-Touch™, the SC8000’s entire scrub system is activated simply by the press of a button.

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The Advance SC8000 62LP Sweeper/Scrubber is the definition of innovative and optimized design. This maneuverable front steer scrubber houses the widest cylindrical scrub deck in its class. This deck’s dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes are capable of sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass. DustGuard™ suppresses and controls dust using “fog” at the side broom. Using Advance’s One-Touch™, the SC8000’s entire scrub system is activated simply by the press of a button.

This versatile machine is highly customizable and can be suited to your particular needs. The machine is durable, efficient and incredibly productive. Sweeper-scrubbers are highly useful machines, as they provide dust-free sweeping and aggressive scrubbing in one pass. The SC8000™ will leave your building cleaner than ever.

The SC8000™ features tools-free removable brushes, blades, and squeegee, making customization incredibly easy. An ergonomic cockpit and controls increases operator comfort and reduces fatigue, thereby reducing time spent cleaning.

Searching for a highly productive, rugged scrubber with disc or cylindrical scrub decks to meet your cleaning needs? Then consider the benefits of the easy-to-maneuver and operate SC8000™ rider scrubber with traction control that’s powered by a Kubota engine.

The rugged SC8000™ rider scrubber is equipped with impressive 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks, the largest in this size scrubber. This translates to increased productivity due to longer run times between dump and fill cycles. Plus, the large recovery tank is easy to access and clean.

The UltraFlow™ squeegee system provides nearly 100% water pickup on tight turns, leaving the floors immediately clean, dry, and safe for traffic. The no-tools side squeegee blades wipe the floor before the wheels so the machine never runs through dirty water to create streaks.

The SC8000™ scrubber features unique traction control for use on floors with a low coefficient of friction. Pressing the Traction Control™ button regulates the drive wheel torque, which provides increased control and enhanced traction on the floor. This maximizes drive wheel grip and improves overall safety. One-Touch™ scrubbing controls minimize operator training and maximize cleaning performance.

The SC8000™ scrubber takes the guesswork out of how much detergent to use. You simply set the AXP™ rate selector according to manufacturer’s recommended dilution rate and you are ready to clean. Plus, you can use any detergent, including those that are green-certified, so there is no need to change your detergent or cleaning routine when using the SC8000™.

In keeping with the Total Clean™ philosophy, the SC8000™ rider scrubber allows complete and easy access to all machine components for cleaning and maintenance. Total Clean™ features mean lower cost of ownership and increased productivity to drive down the total cost of cleaning.

Ideal Applications

  • • General Warehouses
  • • Manufacturing Plants
  • • Shopping Malls
  • • Aircraft Hangers
  • • Beverage Distributors
  • • Food Processors
  • • Wholesalers of Non-Durable Goods

How can one floor-cleaning machine be versatile enough to handle such a wide array of applications? The SC8000™ combines the mobility of the most nimble ride-on machines with the raw size and power of an extra large scrubber. That means the SC8000 runs quiet enough for daily use in shopping malls, can maneuver about the busy floor of a manufacturing plant, and has the strength to handle the rigors of a food-processing center. With a cleaning path of 48 inches and transport speed of 8 mph forward/3 mph reverse, it can even stand-up to the size demands of aircraft hangers and large general warehouses.

When you are looking for a powerful rider scrubber that’s simple to use and easy to maintain, the head-turning Advance SC8000 62LP boasts an extensive list of standard equipment, benefits and features.

Advance SC8000 62LP Equipment:

  • • A Cylindrical Scrubber powered by a Kubota engine
  • • Clear-View™
  • • Oversized, Easily Removable Debris Hopper
  • • Quick Release Blade Replacement
  • • DustGuard™ Standard on All Side Broom Models
  • • Floating Scrub Deck
  • • MaxAccess™ Single Cover Access to Vital Components
  • • Adjustable Steering Column
  • • 100 gal. Solution Tank with Drain Hose
  • • Full Size Operator Compartment
  • • 100 gal. Recovery Tank with Vac Air Shutoff
  • • Headlight and Taillights
  • • Min. Turn-around Aisle Width 110″ right or left
  • • Tilt/Lift off Recovery Tank
  • • One-touch System Activation
  • • Two 48″ Prolene Cylindrical Brushes
  • • UltraFlow™ Rear Squeegee System
  • • Auto Squeegee Lift in Reverse
  • • ETL Certified

Features & Benefits

  • • Simple and intuitive operator controls to minimize training
  • • Rugged construction with durable components assures years of reliable performance.
  • • Designed to be easy to maintain with open access to all critical systems.
  • • Quiet, emissions and odor free operation
  • • UltraFlow™ squeegee system for near 100% dirty water recovery on turns
  • • Large squeegee and side brooms on cylindrical models for improved productivity and versatility
  • • Interchangeable scrub decks for application flexibility and easy maintenance

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