2016 Global V4Air Street Sweeper (Isuzu Chassis)


Get ready for the highly efficient and heavy duty Global V4 Vacuum Air Street Sweeper highlighted by 50% less dust emission than pure suction concepts. [2016 | 16,493 miles]

Reconditioned Equipment
Condition: Used
(Wearable parts have been replaced as necessary.)
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Isuzu chassis-mounted Vacuum Street Sweeper. 19,500 GVWR, Left Hand Steer, Dash mounted camera screen for sweeping and back up. 49 Hp Kubota Aux. Motor. 5.2 Cubic Yard Stainless Steel Hopper with dump height capable of emptying into dumpsters, 210-gallon water tank with dust suppression, air recirculation system, hydraulically driven fan with speed control, 22” LH/RH suction nozzles.

The Global V4 is a purely vacuum, chassis-mounted street sweeper that provides exceptional cleaning performance in innovative ways. It utilizes a highly effective Viajet System, setting the V4 apart from other pure vacuum street sweepers. A maneuverable, cab-over Isuzu Chassis allows for tight turning and easy service. With the hopper up, you have easy access to the vacuum system and sweeping components of the machine.

The V4Air ensures productive and efficient sweeping by utilizing a 210 gallon water tank (controlling any dust in its path) and its bold 125″ sweeping path. The recirculating V-nozzle sweeping system allows you to pick up an incredible amount of debris, even in as low as 23°F weather– even those cold mornings and fluctuating temperatures we always see in early spring and the fall won’t be an issue while maintaining your municipal roads.

The recirculating vacuum Viajet system allows for the air to be warmed up to 59°F in below-freezing-temperatures, ensuring the inside of the systems don’t freeze. If your MS4 Regulations keep getting stricter and you need to maintain tight streets, this is a sweeper you need to consider!

This machine has been fully service, extensively, and maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications, since new, by our factory-trained service technicians.

All Comes Down To Power of Sweeping
Inclined suction fan provides optimum volume flow and improved suction power.

Sweeping Quiet
“Silent Plus” option means highly effective noise reduction by up to 99 dB(A) on the engine and fan system.

Increased Water Capacity – Sweep All Day
Twin tank solution provides for a total tank volume of 500 gallons of water. The primary fiber glass tank is fixed directly onto the sub frame under the hopper. The secondary tank, also made of fiber glass, is mounted in between fan and cab, providing additional noise protection.

Modern Drive Concept
Global V4 Vacuum incorporates many years of experience and success to draw on with the three basic types of drive. Depending on the operational area of the sweeper, the customer can choose between different drive concepts.

V-nozzle To Sweep It All
The V-shaped suction nozzle with its large aperture, made of 4 mm steel, conveys the swept material directly into the suction pipe. Even in difficult conditions, heavy material will be completely picked up.

Everything At a Glance
A central operating panel provides easy access to all the functions, showing the driver all important information.

Wander Hose With Pneumatic Support
The robust rear-mounted suction system provides the tried and trusted functions, as well as additional uses, such as emptying gullies and waste bins. With the pneumatically support carrier arm, the suction system can be moved effortlessly through the entire working area range, with adjustable operating height.

Power Brush
The channel brush is mounted as a trailed brush and suspended separately from the suction nozzle. It is equipped with lateral shock absorbing device and ground pressure adjustment in order to pick up even heavy dirt off the road surface. Using the pneumatically controlled adjustment of the lateral inclination the brush is offering the best possible performance in every working condition.

Quality For Long Service Life
High quality materials (bottom pan made of Stainless Steel) and very smooth inner walls provide easy emptying and an extended service life.

Central Switching Unit
All valves and adjustments for the electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems are located in one central console, which is maintenance-friendly and protects against water ingress.

Uneven Ground and It’s all Swept
The sweeping roller is suspended so as oscillate around its center of gravity, which means it can adjust to every bump and every road camber. Contact pressure and revolution speed can be smoothly adjusted, to ensure that every surface is swept really clean.

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