HammerHead 450RS Scrubber


The Hammerhead 450RS Scrubber provides excellent maneuverability and convenience for whatever your facility demands. Its compact design make it easy to move into any area without compromising performance.

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The Hammerhead 450RS Scrubber is a 16″ brush-assisted floor scrubber that provides excellent maneuverability and convenience. Its large rear wheels and compact design make it easy to move into areas with many obstacles and also ensures maximum portability.

The 450RS is designed with the end-user in mind. It’s kept the Bortek adage of “Engineered Simplicity®” at heart through and through. Incredibly easy set up, operation, and maintenance are all aspects that every Hammerhead machine has, and the 450RS is no different.

Ideal for environments where obstacles are problems for the larger, more bulky floor scrubbers, the HammerHead 450RS Scrubber is an excellent machine to replace the traditional and ineffective mop and bucket method of cleaning. With its compact design, you’re able to zip in and out of offices, around chairs, through tight corners of rooms, and in record time.

The machine is a dream to operate due to its simple control panel and effective cleaning ability. It’s even inherently environmentally conscious with a Solution valve that can be adjusted to your specific cleaning needs. Brush assisted, the machine does all the work for you while operating by pulling itself gently along. You’ll be shocked at the amazing cleaning results that the compact 450RS walk-behind scrubber can achieve. Equally as positive, there is a built in power brick and external charging cord included that makes recharging the machine an absolute breeze.

All this goes back to the Bortek mentality of Engineered Simplicity®. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and designed this machine to be simplistic and effective in every aspect. From its intuitive controls and operation, sleek design, easy access to components, and extremely maneuverability, the HammerHead 450RS Scrubber is perfect for the person that’s looking to use a floor scrubber in areas that, until recently, were reserved for the unsanitary mop bucket only. Come down to Bortek and we’ll show you this machine in person to prove to you that this isn’t just talk. We truly stand by our Hammerhead products’ cleaning abilities.

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