Hammerhead 500RS Gen II Scrubber

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Finally, a set of floor scrubbers to choose from that have all the power and productivity you’ve been looking for. We’ve worked really hard to ensure our 500RS Series are the perfect power cleaning machines to choose from for your specific situation and environment.

This series includes three 20” models: the 500RSX, 500RS, and the 500SS. The 500 RS and RSX are both Disc Brush models. The only real difference between the two is the RSX has traction drive (the machine moves under its own power) while the RS is brush assisted (you push the machine but while in operation, the brush will pull it along, making the effort of moving the machine negligible). As we mentioned, these machines are disc scrubbers, so they allow for a deeper clean and are great if you have an environment that is pre-swept before use.

The 500 Series Scrubbers all have on-board chargers for easy recharge after use, convenient manual levers to lower/raise the squeegee and brush deck (effectively eliminating any costly electronic actuator problems other walk-behind scrubbers tend to have), and cast aluminum and polymer components are used for rust free operation.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to operating these machines. Common sense is hard-wired into them in order to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, allowing you to focus on keeping your facility in pristine condition with the effective cleaning power of HAMMERHEAD.


  • The on-board charger allows you to conveniently charge your machine anywhere without dealing with those bulky, unwieldy external chargers.
  • Heavy duty cast-aluminum frame and scrub deck for maximum durability.
  • Break-away, V-shaped squeegee to ensure an immediately dry surface.
  • The 500 RSX and SS come with an emergency shut-off button for immediate cease of operation.Fill the solution tank easily by using the most convenient methods.
  • Operate your 500 Series Floor Scrubber with its intuitive controls.

These machines were designed with the end user in mind. Convenience and intuitive designs are integrated into every aspect of our HAMMERHEAD cleaning machines.

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