PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR LP Floor Sweeper


This reconditioned machine gives merit to the longevity of the 9X as it is still a powerful cleaning machine due to a solid steel frame and industrial drive-train system. (1,892 hours)

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The PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR LP Floor Sweeper is constructed from solid steel to ensure longevity and offers a large sweep path 77″ with the optional retractable dual side brooms. You can sweep up to 184,800 square feet per hour with this powerful machine. A large 22 cubic foot multi-level, high-dump hopper and unique Rotary Trash Locator system means that productivity is increased because more time is spent sweeping than traveling to the dump site.

The Armadillo 9XR is powered by an LPG liquid-cooled engine. On the 9XR, servicing is made easy by the patented PowerSwing™ system, which allows the engine to rotate out of the machine for easy-access to all parts. Another PowerBoss® innovation is PowerClimb™, which gives the Armadillo the ability to handle the harshest terrain with ease. Speed bumps, curbs, parking lots, brick factories, distribution centers, and steel mills, the Armadillo 9XR can handle them all.

PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR Features:

  • • LPG liquid cooled engine
  • • Industrial drive-train system
  • • 22 cubic foot high-dump hopper
  • • Ergonomic Operation
  • • 62″ sweeping path standard
  • • Reliable, cost-effective performance

The Benefits and Many Uses of a Floor Sweeper

If you own a business, sweepers can help you clean the inside flooring and the outside parking lot or streets of your business. They can help you maintain a customized sweeping schedule, so you don’t have to rely on cleaning services to keep your property sparkling.

Deciding to invest in a sweeper means you’re equipping your team with the machines and tools they need to maintain floors and outdoor areas. Whether it’s a spill, sudden storm or other occurrence leading to debris on your floors and streets, sweepers can help you clean up the mess in minutes. In fact, today’s sweepers come with many amenities — such as air-conditioned cabs, water-saving features and more — to make cleaning easier and more pleasant than ever before.

While it’s possible to clean your floors with a mop and bucket and your walkway with a broom, sweepers offer a number of advantages:

  • • The have scrub brushes for a deeper clean
  • • The have operator controls to make cleaning easier
  • • They are constructed durably so they last
  • • They have multiple brooms and brushes for heavy-duty cleaning for heavily-soiled areas
  • • They have multiple settings to offer more control over your cleaning
  • • They may have edge cleaners and other accessories to make cleaning different surfaces possible with one machine

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